With the birth of his kid, a single Australian father makes history

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Shaun Resnik, an Australian guy, has been making the rounds in the press recently after becoming the first male in history to give birth to a boy in Victoria. Resnik’s ambition of becoming a father has finally come true with the birth of his son Eli Michael on March 22.

For Resnik, who started the process more than three and a half years ago, it’s been a long time coming. Despite the state’s very tight surrogacy rules, Resnik has made history as the first single father to welcome a baby son via surrogacy.

Carla Pincombe, a surrogate mother, carried Eli. Shaun opened up about how overwhelming the whole experience has been for him in an interview with 7News.

“It’s a love like I’ve never experienced before.”

Resnik’s joy was shared by Pincombe as well.

“Joy. Pure joy. I guess, surprise, and probably relief as well.”

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Surrogacy is a hard process

Surrogacy is used by a large number of couples around the world for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, one or both partners in a relationship are unable to contribute to the process of reproduction.

Many couples would choose surrogacy over adoption. Surrogacy is defined as a woman agreeing to serve as a carrier and child-bearer on behalf of another parent. After that, the surrogate would hand up custody of the kid to the other parent or parents. Surrogates are typically used by couples who are unable to become pregnant on their own.

Shaun, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind case. He is a single father, for starters. In Victoria, it is believed that roughly 100 kids are born to surrogates each year. And before these surrogates can be considered legitimate, they must first receive approval from the federal government. Since most jurisdictions only allow couples to adopt surrogate children, this bureaucracy has been famously cruel to single parents.

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Shaun has made it a point to act as a beacon of hope for all aspiring single parents since Eli’s birth. Shaun now hopes that his tale will serve as an encouragement to anyone who wants to pursue their ambition of becoming a parent despite having no love partners in their lives.

Shaun, on the other hand, hasn’t had it easy. It took more than three and a half years to complete the full operation. After three failed efforts with other potential surrogates, he had to endure heartbreak after heartbreak before Ms. Pincombe consented to be the surrogate for his future kid.

Eli now has the opportunity to experience his father’s love and care because to Pincombe’s generosity. Eli’s father sees fatherhood as a demanding but gratifying experience.

Shaun claims that his close relationship with his own parents influenced his desire to start a family.

“Some of my fondest memories was growing for walks with my dad and the dogs and we just have this amazing bond.”

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