Will Smith’s son opens a restaurant so the homeless can eat

Many celebrities in the entertainment industry stand out for their artistic abilities, relationships, charm, and the occasional scandal.


However, not everything in the art world is controversial, which is why it is equally important to highlight positive initiatives.

As a result, we must applaud Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son, for his philanthropic efforts. Jaden Smith appears to have inherited not only acting talent but also a great heart.


The 22-year-old opened a vegan food truck chain for the homeless in 2019. At the time, his audience applauded, and the initiative expanded across the United States.

The actor is concerned about the lives of people living on the streets, but his employment has also increased after a short break due to the pandemic.


Due to the government’s imposed lockdown, many people have lost their jobs and demand has grown.

The “I Love You” (ILY) project is named after the simple yet powerful words that convey the emotive and human load that each plate of food supplied to the less fortunate carries.

After announcing that The I Love You will have a permanent headquarters in New York, Jaden’s effort has resurfaced in the press.

Previously, the majority of the vehicles were dispersed throughout Los Angeles.

ILY’s concept is simple: they serve vegan cuisine to the general public and clients can also donate food to the needy.


“It’s so homeless people can get free food,” Jaden said. However, it also inspires others who have the potential to be multipliers of good deeds.

Due to the current reality in the United States – which, it is worth noting, is not dissimilar to that of the rest of the world – ILY also supports with a variety of contributions other than food.

You are thinking about everything that is happening with COVID-19 and people who have to stay home and all that. Well, if you’re homeless, you can’t stay home… So we’ve donated everything we can… vegan food, masks, clothes, hand sanitizer and all sorts of things,” Jaden said.


Regardless of whether you are well-known or not, we hope that many people would join such worthwhile activities.

Everyone is going through a terrible time, but if we work together, we can go ahead, and what may seem insignificant to you may be a huge assistance to someone else.

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