When monkey rotate the gear, which mark will be hit 1 or 2?

monkey riddle

Let’s look at some fascinating facts about monkeys before we find out the solution.

Monkeys are primates that can only be found in tropical rainforests. The majority of monkeys are arboreal, while some are terrestrial, such as macaques and baboons. New World monkeys, such as spider monkeys, tamarins, and capuchins, may be found in Mexico, South and Central America, and Asia and Africa, whereas Old World monkeys, such as baboons, geladas, and colobus monkeys, can be found in Asia and Africa. Many monkey species are threatened with extinction.

1. Monkeys aren’t the only primates. 

The name “monkey” is commonly used to refer to all members of the primate family, although the truth is that monkeys and apes (i.e., chimps, gorillas, and humans) are on completely distinct branches of the evolutionary tree (i.e., lemurs, tarsiers, and lorises).

The tail is one major distinction between monkeys and other primates: most monkeys have tails, but apes and other primates have not. Apes are also larger and more intelligent than monkeys, owing to their larger brains.

2. There Are a Lot of Monkeys in Danger

Due to a combination of circumstances dependent on their specific location, several of the most fascinating monkey species are undergoing dramatic population decreases. Habitat loss and fragmentation, live capture for the worldwide pet trade, and hunting for bushmeat or traditional remedies are the most serious threats.

3. Grooming Is Used To Strengthen Relationships

Picking bugs, dirt, and other waste off their friends is a gesture of compassion and love for monkeys, not a judgment of their personal cleanliness. Monkey grooming practices not only keep them healthy, but they also help them form stronger social relationships.

The Answer of the riddle is 2, as we know the gears in contact will always going to rotate in the opposite directions.

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