‘What is the table’s height?’ – This puzzle will help you refresh your math skills

On social media, the ‘What is the height of the table riddle’ is trending. You will be “forced” to recall your basic math courses as a result of the puzzle.


Most people in the country are currently self-isolating inside their homes due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Keeping cool and focused during these tough moments might be difficult. Some people, on the other hand, have taken to solving puzzles in their free time to keep themselves occupied and enhance their minds. One such puzzle that is now trendy on social media and Whatsapp is the ‘What is the height of the table problem.’ Here is the solution to the riddle.


The puzzle seen above is currently trending on the internet. To solve the riddle, you must determine the table’s true height. A cat sits at the table’s edge in the first picture, while a tortoise stands beneath the table, directly beneath the cat. From the cat’s head to the tortoise’s shell, the total height is 170cm. The tortoise is now on top of the table, with the cat sitting beneath it in the second image. From the tortoise’s shell to the cat’s head, the total height is 130cm this time.

You must calculate the height of the table using these clues, excluding the heights of the cat and tortoise. While basic arithmetic abilities are required for this puzzle, it is not a simple math problem, and you will need to think creatively to solve it. In your free time, try to solve this puzzle. There is no time limit, so you have as much time as you like to consider the response.

Table + Cat + Tortoise = 170cm, according to the first photograph (Equation 1)
Table – Cat + Tortoise =130cm, according to the second image (Equation 2)
Table 1 + Table 2 is obtained by adding these two Equations, as the heights of the Cat and Tortoise cancel each other out.
170cm + 130cm = 300cm = Table 1 + Table 2
As a result, the height of one table is 300cm divided by two equals 150cm.

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