This man was abandoned as a baby in a garbage and is now a millionaire

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Everyone has difficulties in life, however some face them more than others. Today’s motivational story comes from the state of Florida in the United States of America. It’s about a man who, despite a terrible start, has built a name for himself and now controls a multi-million dollar company. The story revolves around a man named Freddie.

When it comes to difficult beginnings, Freddie had one of the most difficult. He was abandoned in a garbage and left there when he was a newborn in 1989. This occurred shortly after his birth.


Newborns are pure, innocent beings who require a great deal of care and affection in order to develop – but Freddie didn’t receive any of it. Fortunately, a citizen noticed him and promptly alerted the authorities. Freddie was taken into custody and placed in foster care.


After a few years in foster care, Freddie was adopted by the Figgers family, who welcomed him with open arms. They provided him with everything he’d ever needed: love, support, and protection.

Freddie had a brilliant intellect from the start; he was unique, had ideas, and all he wanted was a family who believed in him. An orphaned baby has now found a loving home where he can grow.

When Freddie was nine years old, his father got him a computer, and that’s when his abilities began to blossom. At such an early age, he discovered a genuine connection to technology, and his ideas began to flow.

Freddie’s family wasn’t wealthy, but they were caring, and that was all he needed. Freddie stated why his father purchased him the computer in an interview with The Washington Post:

“He reasoned that a computer could keep me out of trouble.”


When his father got him this computer, he didn’t want to use it to play games or do things that most people would do with it; instead, he wanted to see how the technology worked. He was more interested in disassembling his computer, removing all of the components, and successfully reassembling them — educating himself how each component functioned.


Freddie started working for a computer repair company when he was 13 years old. He was also able to start his own computer repair business at the age of 15. Freddie told The Washington Post about his particular experience of repairing computers:

“I wouldn’t recommend my path to everyone,”

“But it worked for me. When I was 17, I had 150 clients that needed websites and storage for their files. I just kept building from there.”


Freddie wanted to create something for his Alzheimer’s-affected father. He built a tiny GPS tracker that could be slipped into a shoe as part of his mission to aid his father. The technology allowed him to locate down his father and even communicate with him via his shoe. According to The Washington Post, he said:

“I created a device that I could insert in his shoe that would allow me to track him, plus talk to him through his shoe,”

“It was difficult to watch him decline — it’s something you never forget,”

“I’ve always been so grateful to him and my mom. They taught me not to let my circumstances define who I was.”

He was able to change himself into someone who came from nothing and became a millionaire because of his mother and father’s unconditional love and support. His GPS tracker program went on to sell for millions of dollars, forever transforming his life.


Freddie is now a multimillionaire and the founder of Figgers Wireless, which he named after his loving family. He even established The Figgers Foundation as a charitable organization. On his website, Freddie states, “A tremendously inspirational Freddie writes:

“Don’t let your circumstances define who you are.”

Freddie Figgers is a great inspiration, a story about never giving up no matter what. He had nothing and no one to look after him when he was a newborn. He found a wonderful family who couldn’t give him much except their love and support – and that’s all that matters. He is now a kind and caring son to his family, and he donates to a variety of causes to ensure that children do not grow up in poverty.

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