The secret to live a long life, according to a 109-year-old woman, is to avoid men

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The majority of individuals on the planet feel they will not survive to be a century old.

Every day, we watch the news, read health data, and witness our elderly relatives, and if we have unhealthy habits, as most people do, the future does not appear to be good.

Despite the fact that we are living longer lives today — a man’s life expectancy in the United States is 76 years, and a woman’s is 81 years – our health in comparison to other industrialized countries remains low. Not to mention the fact that many people spend the better part of their lives dealing with little or major health issues.

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The long-lasting secret for Okinawans (one of the world’s longest-living people) is to include sweet potato in their diet, but a 109-year-old woman from Scotland has a different secret.

The oldest woman in Scotland has revealed her humorous secret to living a long and healthy life.

109-year-old Jessie Gallan attributes her aging to a morning bowl of warm porridge. That, and keeping a safe distance from men.

Jessie told the Daily Mail, “They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.” Gallan left home at the age of 13 and went to work milking cows. As a result, she learned early on the value of putting in long hours to make a living. “I worked hard and rarely took vacations,” she explained.

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Jessie had a strong sense of self-worth throughout her life. The exceptional lady, who had never married, refused to rely on anybody but herself.

A caretaker at Gallan’s elderly home described her as “simply lovely.” Jessie thrived well into her second century. She also went to church and exercise courses on a regular basis.

In the video below, you may learn more about Jessie.

Gallan passed away just a few months after disclosing her longevity secrets. May she serve as a lesson to all of us to live life to the fullest, regardless of our age.

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