The ‘Instant B**b Job’ effect of putting tape on size 28F breasts amazed a woman

When a woman discovered that tape works perfectly for her 28F, it was almost as if she had a breast augmentation while wearing a lovely Michael Costello low-cut magenta dress. She posted the amazing result on TikTok, where it soon went viral, with many people requesting the technique.

Jennifer Warnes is a 28-year-old lady who uses her platform to critique large-cup bras with a tiny band.

jennifer warnes1

Women who are looking for the perfect, comfortable bra for any occasion, from working out and swimming to everyday casual wear, flock to her page.

However, unless you’re happy with your bra being entirely visible, you can’t really wear any bra with clothes like this! As a result, Jennifer began looking for a means to continue wearing the outfit.

People are really astounded by how different she looks simply by taping, with over 10 million views on the video now!

jennifer warnes2

She began her video by saying, “I have this very pretty dress that I can’t really wear because I feel it looks inappropriate like this,”

“Let’s see if this boob tape is actually going to work for my larger cup size,” she said in the video, which included footage of her before the taping.

“OK, it literally looks like I have had a b**b job on this side… what?” she exclaimed, clearly satisfied with the result after only one side.

Finally, she is able to put on this outfit and appear how she desires. She’s all dressed up and ready to go!

jennifer warnes3

“I’m very confused about whose b**bs these actually are because they are not mine; mine have never looked like this – not even with a bra on,” she admitted candidly.

Some viewers asked if it would be painful to remove it, but Jennifer swiftly provided an answer. She said to the audience, “Noooo removal was fine! You have to SOAK the tape in oil! I used baby oil. Let it saturate for like 10mins; then it just peels off really easy.”

Her video received a lot of positive feedback from people. “Whaaaat, that’s incredible.”

“30F here, and I’m 100% gonna be buying all the clothes I thought I couldn’t because of this,” said another.

Compared to plastic surgery, this is such a simple and straightforward option!


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