The dog keeps an eye on the newborn triplets to ensure their safety

Sunny, a small Goldendoodle from Branford, Connecticut, is the proud guardian of three newborn triplets. The dog is so enthralled with the new family members that he pays them frequent visits to make sure everything is in working order.

Sunny checking on ‘his’ babies was shared on TikTok by Lauren Barnes, a new parent, and it quickly went viral. The endearing video, which Barnes has nicknamed “cuteness overload,” is melting hearts all over the internet.

dog and triplets1

Since their birth, Barnes has been releasing videos of her gorgeous triplets, and Sunny has appeared in the majority of them.

In the video, all three triplets are curled in and napping on the couch. Sunny has arrived to double-check everything that appears to be in order. The two-month-old babies appear to be looking forward to meeting their canine friend. This quick morning check is a long-standing family custom.

Sunny nuzzles one of the triplets while standing on a nearby footstool. To obtain a better view of these little folks, he spreads his body out on the couch. He only stays long enough to make sure baby number one is happy and comfortable.

dog and triplets2

Then it’s time to see how baby number two is doing. Sunny repositions his weight and stretches his body. The baby appears to perk up and watch Sunny with her beautiful eyes.

Baby number three gets the last check with a sniff and a kiss. Everything appears to be in order, according to Sunny. “My job here is done,” Sunny the dog says.

Sunny looks up at the camera, as if to reassure her mother that everything is well. He can finally unwind, safe in the knowledge that his children are in capable care. What a fantastic canine companion.

dog and triplets3

In another video, Barnes shared a nice photo of Sunny getting in on the cuddling. Sunny keeps a close check on his babies while keeping them warm and comfortable.

While most dogs enjoy babies and infants, it takes a special breed to keep an eye on them while providing the best cuddles. Sunny seems to enjoy being around these little ones, and I’m sure they do as well. Sunny will be a constant best friend for the kids as they grow older.

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