Putin kept The Queen waiting for 14 minutes, during which time she defied protocol by making a sarcastic remark

Vladimir Putin and the Queen have a tense relationship, with the Russian president making her wait awkwardly and Her Majesty apparently making an intriguing remark on his 2003 visit.

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The Queen normally refrains from commenting on international leaders, but she is said to have made an exception for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Her feelings for Russian President Vladimir Putin have clearly deteriorated since his country launched an attack on Ukraine on Thursday.

Tensions between the United Kingdom and Russia have risen, and Buckingham Palace is preparing for the worst.

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If a bomb were to fall on the UK, ‘Operation Candid’ would be activated as a possible nuclear escape plan to keep the Royal Family safe and secure.

Putin has seen the Queen on several occasions, the most memorable of which was during his state visit to the UK in 2003.

Putin is notorious for his sluggish, or possibly purposeful, timekeeping, and he made the Palace nervous by keeping The Queen waiting for 14 minutes.

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Later, a dog’s reaction to Putin is said to have inspired The Queen to defy royal convention and lash out at the Russian President.

David Blunkett, the Home Secretary at the time, said that his guide dog reacted defensively to Putin.

According to Mr Blunkett, who spoke to the BBC, “My single meeting with Vladimir Putin was in 2003 during an official visit, and my dog at the time barked extremely loudly.

“I apologized to the Queen, who was clearly hosting the event. When I said, ‘Sorry your Majesty about the dog barking,’ I didn’t mean to give anything away.

“Dogs have interesting intuition, don’t they?” she asked.

The purported remark would be a departure from royal protocol, as The Queen is expected to stay “strictly impartial in political matters.”

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During a D-Day commemoration event in France in June 2014, The Queen was seated away from Putin.

The two met with world leaders at the Chateau de Benouville in Normandy, which came just months after Prince Charles was accused of comparing Putin’s leadership to that of the Nazi dictatorship.

When everyone went to pose for a group shot, the tension seemed to be exposed.

The Queen was escorted down a flight of stairs by then-US President Barack Obama and Governor-General Jerry Mateparae of New Zealand.

However, observers noted that Putin, who was standing near by but not looking in their direction, made no attempt to assist the aging monarch.

In a ‘fake news’ propaganda campaign against the UK, Russia criticized the Queen for downing gin, wine, and champagne every day in 2018.

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Senator Aleksey Pushkov, a Putin loyalist, claimed that the monarch sees drinking as a “ceremony,” whereas Prime Minister Theresa May is a brandy drinker.

Pushkov, according to the Sun, told Staterun TV: “Before dinner, she [Her Majesty] drinks a gin cocktail and a wine cocktail with ice and lemon.

“She finishes her dinner with a glass of wine and a chocolate bar.

“She enjoys a dry Martini as well. She enjoys a glass of chilled champagne at the end of the day.”

Senior Tory MP Bernard Jenkin argued at the time that the ‘absurd’ remarks were made to undermine Britain’s claim that Russia attempted to kill ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal.

President Joe Biden claimed that the Queen questioned him about Putin in June of last year, indicating that she is interested in the Russian leader.

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President Biden and his wife Jill met with the 95-year-old monarch over tea at Windsor Castle on their visit to the UK to attend the G7 summit in Cornwall.

Mr Biden stated that they discussed a variety of topics, with the Queen inquiring about his relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

President Biden may have breached royal protocol for the second time by exposing their private chats.

“She wanted to know what the two leaders that I’m about to meet with, Mr Putin, and she wanted to know about Xi Jinping,” the president told reporters.

The Queen is unlikely to meet with Putin anytime soon.

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