On the highway traffic cam, a parrot makes an unexpected entrance

It’s difficult to imagine more monotonous film than that captured by a highway traffic camera, which normally consists of an uninterrupted stream of cars and trucks passing by all day, every day.

This traffic camera’s feed just got a lot more fascinating because to the charming curiosity of one feathered resident in Brazil.

“We had a special visit there in one of the cameras this morning,” the camera’s operators wrote.

What they witnessed was as follows:

A turquoise-fronted parrot, a beautiful species common to the area, was later recognized as the bird.

Here’s how they look in all their magnificence, should the parrot’s beauty be overlooked owing to her up-close mugging on camera:

brazilian parrot1

Although the parrot’s visit to the traffic camera was brief, you’d be hard pressed to find more captivating entertainment than those few lovely moments.

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