On a flight, a husband stood for six hours so his wife could sleep, and their photo went viral on Twitter


Today’s story is about pure love – love that has no bounds. When you care deeply for your partner, you will go to great lengths to ensure their comfort and well-being. When it comes to their health, you would be selfless and extremely concerned. Such is the case with today’s story, which was inspired by a Tweet.

Twitter user Courtney Lee Johnson the following Tweet of a husband who stood on a flight for six hours while his wife could sleep, the Tweet is below:

The Tweet quickly went viral, receiving over 14,000 likes and 2500 comments – albeit some of the responses were less than wholesome.

The responses ranged from whether the wife should have slept on his lap rather than on his stand, to positive comments such as “this is pure love.”

While the rest of the world is quick to pass judgment, we don’t know the full story behind this snapshot — the wife could have been sick and wanted to rest. We live in a world where most individuals can turn even a pleasant gesture into something negative.

In any case, we believe that context is critical. This can be seen positively or negatively by Twitter users, but without context, we have no idea what’s going on.

We’re still grateful that there are folks out there who would go out of their way for their relationships.

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