Learning to heal in silence is not as complicated as you think

“Hurt in private. Heal in silence. Shine in public.”

hurt in privat

Channeling your energy is fast and straight forward. A simple change to the way we think could make a massive difference to your physical health. But, unfortunately, there’s so much noise in your head right now – so much that it feels like you’re ready to explode. Most days, there is a cacophony of voices vying for our attention and ruminating over something that occurred in the past which hurt you a lot—worrying over something that may happen in the future—critiquing ourselves for this shortcoming or a perceived failure—struggling with and resisting the unavoidable reality. Working with and fighting the inevitable fact that we feel our lives are complicated. 

When you hurt in private, heal in silence, shine in public. But, unfortunately, all of this noise in our heads and the hurts you feel in your hearts can negatively skew your perspective, leaving you hurt and discouraged. What’s more, it can also drown out that still small voice within you that holds the key to unlocking the resources you so desperately need to further deal effectively with the lie’s challenges. 

Unfortunately, some of us live as if stillness and silence are to be avoided. Instead, your day should proceed in a unique and positive direction. So, it would help if you embraced the breeze and eased into your life. A firm intention can change your life – and things can go both ways. Having the determination to heal from within can change your life mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. 

By the way, how do I heal in silence if I’m hurt in private to shine in public? Well, read on and spend the next five minutes practicing yourself. Here are some simple ways to heal in silence if you’re hurt. 

  1. Sit, relax and be mindful of every breath you take 

You need not adjust your breathing pattern – pay attention to the flow – learn to inhale, exhale. So, no decision, no change, observe. This is done to bring you closer to the present – yes, present; we all are in the present, but not everyone’s living in the “present.” It also helps to help you avoid mind-boggling thoughts that may affect you. Finally, it will stop your thoughts from disrupting your mind for some time. 

  • Close your eyes and see if you can transfer energy into your body

 Remember, there’s no such thing as “the wrong way” of getting things done. You can try to awaken your body’s overall energy with your intention to heal your body and mind. 

See if you can transfer this energy via some part of your body. For example, you can experience illness or tension to heal your body and mind. 

See if you can transfer the energy using your body as the perfect medium. Halt it! Understanding the fact that you’re giving your body the love it deserves. After all, not everyone cares if you’re hurt. This is why you need to learn to break in private, heal in silence, and smile in public. 

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