Johnny Depp’s lawyer laughed without commenting on relationship rumors with actor

Camille Vasquez, one of Johnny Depp’s lawyers, is a name that many people are familiar with. She’s recently gained fame among her legal team after her feistiness against Amber Heard became a topic of discussion for many. She interrogated the 36-year-old actress with one question after another, examining the evidence against her and exposing her lies in court.

However, the public was recently amused by her calm reaction to one question: is she dating her client, Johnny Depp?

camille vasquez1

TMZ contacted her and asked her a basic question “People are curious if you’re dating Johnny Depp. It’s everywhere on the internet. Is it possible for you to clear the air, yes or no?”

But she remained silent, clearly undeterred by the rigorous questioning or the pressure to respond in any way.

Vasquez became an internet sensation after openly questioning Heard’s photos, comparing them to paparazzi and red carpet photos from the day after her alleged abuse.

camille vasquez2

From producing amusing memes to printing “I heart Camille Vasquez” on T-shirts, the internet has fallen in love with the Californian litigating specialist. She was praised for supporting Depp and for standing up to Heard throughout the cross-examinations.

Many people have speculated whether they’re romantically engaged because they seemed to get closer during their time working together. Particularly in this photo, where she embraces Depp after the day is done.

camille vasquez3

The next day after the photo was shot, the two appeared to be in good spirits. As they prepared for the court, Vasquez and Depp were all smiles.

People were filming TikTok footage of flirtatious moments and the looks they gave one other on the court. While none of this is confirmed, Vasquez’s failure to dismiss the reports has sparked interest.

Vasquez appears to be taking advantage of Depp’s positive image, which has helped her gain notoriety.

camille vasquez4

Juda Engelamayer, a crisis consultant who also represented Harvey Weinstein, said of Vasquez, “On social media, Johnny Depp is winning, and his lawyer is following suit. Women who have defended men accused of sex crimes in the past have faced online criticism. Camille Vasquez, on the other hand, appears to have benefited from Johnny’s compliments.”

While she has continued to give what appears to be an amazing performance in exposing Heard’s lies, a former close friend of Depp’s and Heard’s stated that Heard did not fake her bruises.

Raquel Pennington pushed back against charges that Heard feigned her injuries in photos she took herself on many occasions, insisting that she was the victim.

camille vasquez6

Having said that, we’re curious to see if their connection would ever go beyond business!

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