Jennifer Gray, who played ‘Baby’ in Dirty Dancing, was Johnny Depp’s fiancée. What a wonderful statement she made about the actor

baby and johnny

Johnny Depp isn’t having a good time right now. He is suing his ex-wife, Amber Heard, and the two exes actually washed all their dirty clothes in public.

The images of Amber Heard in the courtroom go viral, and the grimaces never stop. The actress cried and made a real case against the actor, who claims that her defamation caused him serious image damage and seeks compensation. Depp sued her after she told the Washington Post that she had been a victim of sexual assault.

Another ex, this time a former fiancée, also revealed details about Depp’s young age. Because Jennifer Gray has a fascinating story. Drew Barrymore was invited by the famous “Baby” from “Dirty Dancing,” and she made some unexpected revelations.

baby dirty dancing

Gray and Depp were engaged for 9 months in 1988. “You have to understand, Depp was beautiful as a god in 1989, you didn’t see such beauty, as if from another planet,” the actress said on Thursday’s episode of “TV Host Drew Barrymore.”

The well-known actress also had a troubled past. She was engaged to two men in 1988: Matthew Broderick and Johnny Depp. Gray began his relationship with Depp two weeks after breaking up with Broderick, and she became engaged to him two weeks later. She told Barrymore that she thought God had saved her from a bad situation and that Depp had come as a saviour. Jennifer remembered a passage she wrote in her diary shortly after splitting up with Johnny: “I wrote on August 12: I’m sure I fell in love for the first time in my life. He’s nice, kind, funny, smart, empathetic, and respectful.” Lulu, the couple’s dog, was also present. “She was our child. When Johnny wasn’t in town, this soul kept me company.”

However, the relationship with Depp ended quickly. And Gray confessed that it was Johnny’s behavior.

She also wrote about this in her memoir, Out of the Corner: “He was starting to feel jealous. He questioned what I would do when he was gone.” The two actors split up abruptly, with the actress leaving a note in his hotel room after he went missing for a day without saying anything.

According to some women in his life, the Pirates of the Caribbean star does not appear to have many quiet love stories.

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