How to be a strong woman

When a strong woman hurts 

strong woman

When you hurt a woman, you immediately throw her off balance. This is because women (strong women) are used to having control over their emotions. Usually, a strong woman can handle anything thrown at her. However, she needs time to recover when you break her heart or hurt her with your actions or words. It is in this period she retrieves to her shell. Her silence then becomes deafening – used to express her pain. But how will you know she’s hurt? When she chooses to ignore you. 

She needs time to recalibrate, think about her relationship with you. This period is when she starts to question whether or not she’s still emotionally attracted to you. Some women take things up a notch by asking themselves if they’ll ever find true love. These moments right here might make her feel vulnerable, weak, uncomfortable, but they are needed steps toward self-healing. 

When you hurt a strong woman, you’ll see how strong she is firsthand. You’ll also watch her walk away without yelling at you. You’ll witness her walk away with her head held high and her pride, dignity, and self-confidence still intact. You’ll watch her walk away and ponder on why you decided to let her go in the first place. 

“80% of women use silence to express pain. You know she’s truly hurt when she chooses to ignore you.

You’ll also lose in all ways. Not only will she ignore you, but she’ll also erase your memories from all of her social media accounts. Your name will be deleted from her mobile phone. You’re going to become a part of her past because she’s not the kind of person who allows toxicity into her life. 

Her silence is not a show of weakness. It’s the kind of silence you display when someone you love fails to reciprocate the feeling or stab her at the back with your condemnable actions. You’re giving up the chance to spend a lifetime with not just a strong woman but with someone who truly loves you – someone who would put in every ounce of love and effort she has in her to make things work with you. 

Remember, when you hurt a woman that truly loves you, you are only hurting yourself. A woman handling her pains in silence needs space spiced with a bit of your empathy and attention. Put yourself in her shoes and understand her more. The more you hurt her, the more the chances you are giving her to explore her options with other interested folks – something I’m sure you don’t want. 

At the end of it all – when you hurt a strong woman who truly loves you, you’re helping her become more muscular, though, that won’t be in your favor. You are ultimately pushing her towards finding someone who matches her, and more importantly, you’re forcing her to find herself. But not to worry, when she looks back on your memories, she’ll realize that being with you helped to shape her into a better person further. 

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