How many rabbits can you see?

how many bunies

Before we see the answer let’s see some fun facts about rabbits:

1. Bunnies will occasionally bounce around and flick their heads and feet to show their happiness. The rabbit community refers to this cute act as a “binky.”

2. A female rabbit is known as a “doe,” whereas a male rabbit is known as a “buck.”

3. The large ears of a bunny aren’t simply for hearing! They also aid in the rabbit’s body temperature regulation. When it’s hot outside, the blood vessels in the ears enlarge, and when it’s cold, they constrict.

4. Those incredible ears can also be rotated almost completely around to 270 degrees.

5. Rabbits may appear to be calm pets, but they can make a variety of sounds, including snarling, shrieking, chattering their teeth, and even softly honking! What a sweetheart!

6. For their health, safety, and socialization, rabbits require spacious cages or exercise pens that are kept inside. They also require enough of supervised time outside of their cages or pens to play and exercise on a daily basis. Make sure your home is bunny-proofed and that you don’t leave them alone during this period.

7. Rabbits can hop and jump, and BOY can they jump! Rabbits can jump to incredible heights and lengths, reaching well over 3 feet in height and a whopping 10 feet in length!

8. Bunnies can see almost perfectly 360 degrees since their eyes are on the sides of their heads. In the wild, this allows them to detect the presence of a predator.

9. Right in front of their twitchy noses, they have a blind spot! Isn’t that hilarious?
Rabbits may be taught to utilize a litter box, making cage cleaning much easier.

10. Rabbits, like dogs and cats, enjoy playing and require mental stimulation. The good news is that many items you already have around the house may be used as toys….paper balls, paper towel rolls, and other items can keep your rabbit entertained.

Answer: 20 rabbits

rabbit solution

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