Here are five reasons why keeping secrets can destroy your relationship

If you ever find yourself keeping secrets and holding back a lot of stuff from your partner, then it’s crucial to know that you could be slowly destroying your relationship. Secrets aren’t even good in any relationship, and what I’ve come to realize is that being honest and being vulnerable are all courageous acts. Interestingly, some people still believe they need to hold on to secrets for them to survive. As a result, they often lack confidence in their ability to face unpleasant topics. However, finding the right way to express yourself to your significant other properly is the best way to build a healthy relationship that will last the test of time. 

here are five reasons why keeping secrets can destroy your relationship

Trusts are easy to break but hard to repair; getting them back can be quite difficult once you lose them. And when your partner withholds crucial information from your regardless of their reasons, it’s only right that you’ll feel betrayed. For most people, any form of deceit can be a deal-breaker. For instance, Jessica, a 27-year-old student, explains: “Trust is an issue for me. And it takes a lot to rebuild it once you lost it.” Jessica is from a broken home. She watched her father betray her mother over and over again – leaving her without financial and parental support. 

So, how much will you ever put up with before breaking up with your lover? Relationships are often made up of components, and how we put up with many quirks to keep our relationship intact differs. But if you are ever made to feel uneasy or uncomfortable because you feel as if you can’t trust your significant other, then not taking them back is the logical one for you. By keeping secrets, you run the risk of losing your partner’s trust and putting your relationship in jeopardy. 

Five reasons why keeping secrets can destroy your relationship 

  • Secrets damage relationships 

When secrets are kept, the relationships are negatively affected. Couples grow apart, and it’s hard to feel connected to someone when you find out that they’ve kept a secret from you. 

  • Keeping secret tantamount to dishonesty 

Honesty is the best policy, and many of us have a moral code that tells us that keeping secrets is akin to lying. Furthermore, for many of us, being a liar is only acceptable when we are in dire straits – what is often referred to as spitting white lies. 

  • Being deceitful breeds anger and mistrust 

Further, once a person loses Trust, it isn’t easy to regain – especially for those who have been betrayed by a former romantic partner, spouse, or parent. 

  • Keeping major secrets is a type of deceit. 

The more time that goes by, the harder it is to spill out the truth. So tell the truth as early as you are. The scariest thing about lies is that the more you keep stacking them, the more you’ll need to keep them afloat. Hence, lies will keep piling on lies. Secret and lies kill relationships. No matter how careful you are, you will get caught. What’s done in darkness always comes to light.

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