Gen Z women are shunning the razor in order to proudly normalize body hair

Everybody has body hair! The natural phenomenon has been vilified as being offensive to women. It has also been considered unattractive. Women have been forced to shave their body and facial hair as a sign of feminism for a long time, even though no one, including you, should have to seek value for your body hair. Gen Z is speaking up, preaching against the beauty standard and stating that body hair is attractive and should be celebrated.

Since the release of COVID-19 two years ago, more women have given up hair color and taken to TikTok to show off their all-natural grooming with the hashtag #bodyhairisnatural. However, according to a Body Image Study, 35% of individuals have no preference whether women shave or not, and 7% believe they should not shave. However, respondents between the ages of 18 and 35 admitted to either finding armpit hair beautiful or not caring if a woman had it.

After abandoning the razor in 2018, Bethany Burgoyne, 30, accepted her body hair. She’s proud of it, and she’s allowed growth in other places of her body, such as her bikini, chin, and stomach.

bethany burgoyne

“I’m married to my high school sweethearts, and he enjoys my body hair just as much as I do,” @hairywombman said.

Sydney Jordan refuses to shave, and it’s part of her appeal. Her agent cautions her that body hair isn’t acceptable in the profession, but the 25-year-old is unconcerned.

sydney jordan

Elyanna Sanchez, a model, has stated that body hair feels natural to her and is an important aspect of her job. People didn’t seem to mind if the 25-year-old Instagram influencer shaved her body or not.

elyanna sanchez

The model flaunted her fluffy underarms in a Calvin Klein underwear commercial from a 2019 campaign.

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