For raping their 9-year-old sister, two 18-year-old brothers killed their stepfather in the USA

Two brothers from Texas have been charged with murder after finding that their stepfather had raped their 9-year-old step-sister and beating him to death as a punishment. They abandoned his body in a field after leaving him lifeless, with the help of a friend.


The Pharr Police Department arrested Christian Trevino and Alejandro Trevino, both 18, on Saturday for the horrific murder of Gabriel Quintanilla, 42, last Thursday. Authorities also detained Juan Eduardo Melendez, an 18-year-old friend who assisted the brothers in attacking their step-father.

Quintanilla was stabbed with a metal self-defense knife and put into the platform of a truck before the defendants abandoned his body in a McAllen field, according to the Pharr Police Department. According to investigators, the father could have been alive at the time.


The incident occurred in January, when the Trevino brothers went to a caravan park to hunt for the man after discovering that he had abused their sister. According to police, the three guys got into an argument before Quintanilla tried to escape. They did, however, manage to corner him in a complex of flats, where their friend Eduardo Mendelez also showed up. After that, there was a second round of fighting. They left him in a state of inertia and left the attack area to change his cars, then returned to seek for him for a third round of fight. They only stopped after the victim showed no signs of life, at which point they carried his body into a van and dumped it in a field.


The stepfather had been charged in the past with other sexual abuse of minors

Alejandro Trevino was not charged with capital murder because Christian Trevino and Melendez beat him to death, according to Pharr deputy police chief Juan Gonzalez. During a press conference, Police Chief Andy Harvey also disclosed that Quintanilla had an arrest warrant out of 2019 for sexually abusing another kid. Between 2014 and 2016, he is also accused of sexually assaulting a girl.

The current state of the 9-year-old girl has not been disclosed, and it is unclear whether she will be picked up by other relatives or placed in a youth detention center.

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