Can you count all the circles in the picture?

circle image

Before we find out the answer let’s learn some interesting facts about circle:

Facts about circles provide fascinating information about one of the mathematical shapes. Learning about circles has piqued the interest of certain people. Using a mathematical pattern, you may determine the diameter of a circle. The following are some interesting facts regarding circles.

1st Circle Fact: Degree

A degree is the fraction of a circle. You can discover 360 degrees in each imaginary circle. Each degree has the ability to define the earth’s surface.

Facts about Circles No. 2: One-Sided Shape

Only a circle owns the one-sided shape with an area.

No. 3 in the Circle Facts Series: An Infinite Area

A circle is the owner of an endless area. It has a straight line as well. There are also some symmetry lines visible.

4th Circle Fact: Angles

When you look at a rectangle or square, you’ll see that it has some angles. There are no angles to be found in a circle. A circle in the shape of a dimmer plate, a coin, or a wheel can be found in real life.

Diameter is the fifth circle fact

A diameter is a measurement of how big a circle is. The distance across a circle through the center of the circle is used to define it.

Answer: 9 circles. 

4 inner circles , 4 outer circles , 1 center circle

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