As her daughter, 23, lies dying after eating a ‘cannabis gummy,’ her mother tenderly kisses her goodbye

Damilola Grace Olakanmi, a University of Hertfordshire student, became sick almost immediately after eating just one cannabis-laced sweet. The 23-year-old used a messaging app to order the gummies and had them delivered to her house the same day. Her 21-year-old American visitor has also become critically ill as a result of the sweet.

On March 29, late at night, an ambulance was dispatched to Ms. Grace’s residence, and she was flown to Queen’s Hospital in Romford in a severe condition.


Her mother, 51-year-old Wumi, was said to have kept a vigil beside her daughter’s bedside until she succumbed to her illness. Doctors were able to save Grace’s friend, who was later released, and thus far, Richard Taylor, 75, a Justice campaigner and relative, has urged young people to reject drugs and shared with the London Evening Standard that Wumi has lost her only kid, so she now has nothing.

Wumi gently kisses her daughter in a hospital bed with tubes strapped to her face, according to the family. It had subsequently melted the hearts of millions of people.

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“It’s a tragic warning to all young people about how they live their lives. They should resist drugs. Damilola was a promising young woman who should be looking forward to her future and having her children.” Thankfully, after discovering a huge amount of cash and suspected edible cannabis products on him, police apprehended a man in connection with the incident.

Leon Brown, 37, of South Norwood, South-east London, is now in custody and is scheduled to appear in court at Snaresbrook Crown Court next month.

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Possession with purpose to supply a Class B synthetic cannabis, being concerned with the supply of a synthetic cannabinoid, and possession with intent to deliver a psychoactive substance are all charges against him. Schoolchildren as young as eight were brought to the hospital in Bradford in 2021 after consuming cannabis treats.

Several young people in London had also experienced hallucinations and passed out after ingesting the chemicals.

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Police are warning people to stay away from cannabis gummies following the death of 23-year-old law undergrad Damilola Olakanmi #restinpeace #damilola #warning #sweets #dangerous #substanceawareness #safety #police

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