After mother informs her that her father will not be present, brother takes his sister to a father-daughter dance

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The story of an endearing young man who stepped in for his father when his sister needed a “real man” went viral for all the right reasons. On the evening of their father-daughter dance performance, an older brother came to the rescue of his 7-year-old baby sister when their father stood her up.

On February 29, a Facebook post by Trelysia Hamerter went viral, in which she revealed that her daughter’s father had forgotten to show up for their father-daughter dance for the second time in a row.

“This is the second year that he has stood her up for the Daddy-daughter dance,” Hamerter said on Facebook, adding that her daughter, ‘Skylar,’ was heartbroken for being stood up by her father.

Trelysia told Today that Skylar approached her this year and said, “Mommy, I want my dad to come with me to the dance. I don’t want grandpa. I want my dad, I want everyone to know that I have a dad, she was very emotional at that moment.”

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Skylar wanted to show her classmates that she, too, had a loving father who was involved in her life. Her mother expressed her thoughts.

So she dialed his number and told him about her day and performance. “When her father assured her that he would be there for her and that they would dance together, she was ecstatic. He said he’d be pleased to dance with her,” Trelysia explained.

Her father abruptly stopped responding to her phone calls the day before the dance. She admitted that she knew he wouldn’t show up because it had become obvious. “He wasn’t returning her calls, and he didn’t respond to the thousands of texts my daughter had sent her. I knew he was lying and had no intention of attending.”

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Trelysia said, “She cried because she was determined to leave. I felt terrible since there was nothing I could do because I am not her ‘father,’ and she needed him that day because it was a ‘father-daughter’ dance performance.”

“I was upset as well,” the mother explained, “since my daughter was going to miss the dance for the second year in a row.”

As a result, Hamerter’s 11-year-old son Christian became aware of the situation the day before the dance and opted to take his father’s place.

“My eleven-year-old son stepped up and stated that he is going to take his sister to the dance and that she will not miss it this time,” she added. “His sister deserves a man who can honor his word,” he remarked.

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Trylesia continued, “Y’all, I literally cried.”

Skylar’s father did not show up for the dance, so Christian accompanied her and demonstrated to her classmates that Skylar has the best brother in the world.

Hamerter was ecstatic by her son’s thoughtful gift to his infant sister.

“Just know,” she continued, “that I’m raising someone who will one day be a GREAT HUSBAND.”

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