After months of not paying rent, this family of five is facing eviction

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Many people around the world are still fighting to get back on their feet as a result of the pandemic’s economic devastation. The world is gradually returning to normalcy these days. However, many individuals and families remain trapped and are desperately attempting to escape.

Amy Winter, 26, and Joshua Thain, 27, and their three young children are in this situation. The couple has been warned they must quit their property since they have not paid their rent in months. To add insult to injury, Amy is expecting their fourth child.

Joshua and Amy are both on Universal Credit and rely largely on benefits to get by. After failing to pay their rent for several months, this Rotherham family has been ordered to vacate their homes by January 31st, 2022. Amy and Joshua have approached Barnsley Council for aid, but have received no response.

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Amy told the Huddersfield Examiner in an interview:

“It’s that bad we don’t go out or anything because we’re worried. I’ve asked my family if they can help, they can’t help with accommodation because they’re only living in one bed and two bedroom houses.”

She also asked Barnsley Council to help the family in this difficult time.

“I think Barnsley Council need to get off their backside and figure out what they’re going to do, instead of just telling us one thing and next thing a different thing.”

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One of the choices provided to the couple at the outset was the possibility of dividing the family up into more affordable housing arrangements. Amy, on the other hand, was not fond of the thought of her family being divided into groups.

“I ain’t separating my family up after everything that’s gone on with Josh losing his mum, I said ‘I ain’t separating my family just because you want me to’.”

The property that the couple is being forced to abandon is owned by Sanctuary Housing and is registered in Joshua’s late mother’s name, Victoria Robertshaw. Robertshaw unfortunately died in August 2021 after testing positive for COVID-19. Despite their difficult financial conditions, the family has struggled to keep afloat since then.

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In an interview with The Sun, Amy highlighted her dissatisfaction with no one willing to help them. Unfortunately, the couple is at the mercy of the housing authority at the moment. Amy stated:

“We’re just waiting for them to break down the door now,”

A representative for Barnsley Council has stated that the council is doing everything possible to assist the family. According to a spokeswoman for Barnsley Council:

“We have been liaising with Barnsley Council to ensure the occupants can access alternative accommodation as soon as possible,”

These are regrettable developments, but it appears that the Council’s options are limited.

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