After lip lifting, a woman who almost died from her surgery addiction is now unable to close her mouth

A popular social media user has gone to extremes with cosmetic surgery, claiming that her clothing no longer fit her and that she would never be able to close her mouth again. Mary Magdalene is her name and she is a 25-year-old plastic surgery addict. Despite several close calls for surgery, Mary never gave up and persisted to have more treatments done.

Her closest approach to mortality came when she underwent surgery to become the owner of the “largest” female genitalia ever.

mary magdalena1

She had a lip filler and a lip lift done recently. Her colossal lips has grown so large that she can no longer close her mouth.

“I got a lip lift so my mouth is always open,” she informed her 102k Instagram followers.

Viewers who couldn’t get past such deeds and inquired why she wanted this look have bombarded her with inquiries. In response to such inquiries, Mary stated, “Why? Because I think it looks a lot sl***ier and hotter.”

mary magdalena5

But her lips aren’t the only thing that stands out about her. Mary has also had extra implants placed in her breast, bringing the total saline volume to 5000cc.

She acknowledges that most garments don’t fit her anymore because of her massive breasts. And, if a size is available for her, it will be the MM cup. “Both of my twins are officially in the 5000cc club,” she told her followers about the implant.

As Mary exhibited images from before she began the procedure, she appeared virtually unrecognizable.

mary magdalena2

She also disclosed that she spent $300,000 on plastic surgery, which included everything from breast implants to lip fillers to repeated Brazilian butt lifts, fat transfers, and veneers.

mary magdalena3

After attempting to enlarge her genitalia in Turkey in 2018, she was on the verge of death. Nonetheless, she stated that this is not the final time she will have the procedure.

She talked about it on the No Jumper podcast “I almost died during [the] procedure. I had to get two blood transfusions. The doctor said I was losing so much blood and turning very pale. He thought I was going to die.”

“So basically there’s this contraption that you use, and it sucks your p***y and then it makes it very inflated, so I told the doctor that I just want it permanently to look like that,” she added.

She grew up in a devout, strict Christian family, but as a form of rebellion, she worked as a stripper during her adolescence.

mary magdalena4

She is now an OnlyFans star, earning thousands of dollars from her provocative content on the internet because to her extremely curvy shape. She also works as an escort and is happy enough not to have to work a real job.

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