After a neighbour’s death, a couple adopts her three children, and the community adores them


Life, it is often said, is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans. We plan our lives around our desires and circumstances, but it never works out that way. Nothing can fully prepare us for every challenge that life throws at us.


It is only natural for neighbors to assist one another in times of need. But nothing could have prepared Tisha and Kevin, a Las Vegas couple, for an unusual request.

Audrey, a single mother of three children, started it all. She experienced pain in her stomach one day. She ignored it at first, but it became more painful over time. As a result, she decided to go to the hospital.

She needed to get tested, so she asked her neighbor Tisha if her three children could spend the night at her house.


Tisha and Kevin had five children having limited space in their home. Nonetheless, they agreed to house Audrey’s children for the night.

Audrey was diagnosed with stage 2 esophageal and stomach cancer after being tested. She was devastated by the news, but she needed to make sure her children were taken care of if something happened to her.

Despite the fact that she didn’t know Tisha very well, something persuaded her to seek Tisha’s assistance. She summoned the courage to ask Tish and Kevin to become the legal guardians of her children.


Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine themselves in such a situation. Despite their reservations, and despite the fact that they already had five children of their own, they did not refuse Audrey.

They accepted her offer but believed they had plenty of time to work things out before taking in Audrey’s children. However, things went wrong, and Audrey’s health deteriorated so quickly that she died within two weeks.


Kevin and Tisha were concerned because they did not have enough funds to adopt the children right away. Because the entire community was aware of their financial situation, one of their neighbors, Elizabeth Thames, who knew both families very well, decided to write a letter nominating them for assistance from the Fox5 Surprise Squad.

To everyone’s surprise, they were nominated, and the squad paid them a visit one day.

Tisha revealed during an interview that she did not have a happy childhood and spent the majority of it in an orphanage. She didn’t want Audrey’s children to suffer the same fate.


Tisha, Kevin, their five children, and three of Audrey’s children were all forced to stay at a casino for nearly a week while Tisha worked as a bingo cashier. Meanwhile, the squad remodeled their house, and it was ready to welcome them all back in just four days.

Tisha and her family received far more than the fox5 squad had promised them. Aside from the house makeover, the team also provided the family with a year’s worth of free groceries and a brand new vehicle!

Audrey’s children were welcomed into the LA couple’s hearts and loved as if they were their own. What’s more impressive is that their community rallied behind them and helped them keep their promise to Audrey.

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