A woman dumps water on a child after he dumps water on her cat


Some of us consider pets to be in the same category as children. What happens, however, when you have to choose between your pet cat and a 13-year-old boy? The internet, on the other hand, has a lot to say about it.

To be honest, your opinion is usually determined by whether you have a child or a cat. But, before you choose a side, consider the story.

The narrative begins with a Tweet from @shannoncooperox:


Her vengeance did not stop there, as she added a final word to “Brian”:


Who needs more protection, the cat or the child?

If you’re on the cat’s side, you’ll understand how protective cat owners can be of their pets. Of course, the boy was old enough to realize what he was doing was wrong. As a result, these users were unanimous in their support for Shannon’s reaction:


“Not going to lie, if my child did that and got a bucket of water thrown at them, I’d laugh and tell them it was their own fault.”

Others, on the other hand, believed that this could be considered an “assault” on a child by an adult. The angry parents were quick to point out how wrong she was:

Shannon has provided one final update on the situation:


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