A loving couple adopts a baby who was abandoned by his family because of his appearance

This heartwarming story is about humanity and love, and the healing power of pure love. It’s about a malformed baby who was rejected by his parents at birth. The baby was abandoned at the hospital, but he was adopted by a nurse and her husband, who gave him a loving family!

Life is cruel

baby adam1

Adam was born with Bartsocas–Papas syndrome, a congenital condition characterized by severe abnormalities and the development of deteriorated limbs, among other things. His parents were not happy when they saw the infant. The doctors also informed Adam’s parents that he would only have three weeks to live.

His parents refused to take him home. Because the doctors were concerned about Adam’s safety, they did not force his parents to take him home and instead kept him at the hospital.

baby adam2

Humanity and love will always exist

Jessica Cooksey Paulraj, a nurse at the hospital, learned of Adam’s traumatic story of abandonment. Raja Paulraj, her husband, immediately took him in and adopted him as their son! Adam was welcomed into the family by the wonderful couple, who had two brothers who adored him.

Adam, who was told he only had three weeks to live, beat all expectations.

“In September 2014, we will celebrate our oldest son’s 3rd birthday. His name is Adam and from what medicine and logic predicted, he was not supposed to live past 2 months. Three years? How quickly they seem to have passed as I look back,”

“Fourteen surgeries have come and gone for Adam. Nearly $300,000 was given on his behalf. Two brothers, Elliot and Rohan, joined the ranks of our family, and Adam became an older brother. Our family has traveled from India to America and back again.”

Adam sadly passed away in 2016 due to his disease, after nearly five years of a wonderful and lovely life with an incredible family.

Jessica and Raja Paulraj are truly superheroes! We wish you and your family all of life’s blessings, and may you and your family always be happy!

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