A hairdresser became friend with a man who slept on the street and transformed him into a heartthrob with a change of look

The happiness of the recipient with this gesture of solidarity transmits joy and emotion, in addition to transforming their appearance and truly appearing to be a different person.


There are times when a simple act of solidarity, without the need to spend a fortune, can make a significant difference in the life of another person. If so, you should contact brazilianJoão Coelho Guimares, a homeless man who was offered a helping hand by a barber in the same neighborhood to transform his appearance with a haircut and shave that would help him improve and enhance his self-esteem.

A caress in the soul

According to the barber, Alessandro Lobo, who is actually a musician but opened his own barbershop owing to the coronavirus pandemic,João is a homeless man who visits local establishments every day in quest of assistance or simply to engage with the community.

João went to Alessandro’s barbershop that day in 2020, asking for a razor blade to help him smooth out his untidy, long beard a little, or at least try to. The barber had the brilliant idea of giving her a complete makeover at that very moment.


It was spontaneous. He walked through the door and he had a lot of beard. He asked for a razor blade. I’ve known him for a couple of months, he always stops by. So, the idea came up to give her a makeover,” Alessandro said.

He has a new haircut and his beard has been groomed. João appears to be a completely different person. And, as shown in the Instagram video that went viral – and then went viral again – the graceful’s excitement and emotion filled him with satisfaction.

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