A guy gives his girlfriend a ‘4/10,’ but he has no idea she’s behind him


A TikToker user named @rafreacts3 shared a video of a man rating an Instagram model’s photo. She received a 10 out of ten from an anonymous Londoner who expressed no concerns. The man even went so far as to say that the model is a decent wife. He hadn’t realized his girlfriend was standing behind him, unobserved.

The man then said that he was in a relationship and inquired about his partner’s opinion of him. “It could be a four out of ten,” he stated, maintaining that the connection isn’t going to endure. “It’s just a hookup (beat) and that’s all there is.” The host was taken aback and exclaimed, “This guy is rude.”


He questioned the man, “What would you say if I told you your girlfriend is standing behind you?” When he turned back, he was confronted by his enraged girlfriend, who slapped him across the face. TikTok users flocked to remark on a video that had received 400K views. She gave him the time of day on a scale of 0 to 10. One user wrote, “What I want to know is if the man asking the question is single (sic).”


He turned around to find his girlfriend yelling at him and slapping him across the face.


She’s capable of more.” Another person stated. A third was observed thanking her for not being afraid to speak up. She’s not going down without a fight!!

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