A daughter discovers an envelope full of money and a ticket under the door 16 years after her father’s disappearance

When their daughter was just a few months old, a man abandoned his wife. He didn’t show any signs of life for 16 years, until the small girl discovered something that altered her life…

Matthew abandoned Mary before Sophia was one year old, and the two spent years debating and trying to invent scenarios because they didn’t understand the gesture of the one who should have been their house’s pillar.

When the girl returned home from school one afternoon, she discovered a large envelope full of cash in front of the door and rushed to show it to her mother. The substantial stacks of money could be seen through him, and Mary was taken by surprise to find such a large sum in their home.


“Can you tell me where you got this?” the concerned mother asked.

“It merely came to our attention at the time.”

“When I tried to get in, mom, I tripped over him.” However, money is not the most crucial consideration. Take a look at this note: “See you in the Matthew cafe.” “It’s a message from my father!” she exclaimed.

Mary rolled her eyes and was silent in amazement, believing such a thing was unthinkable. Her husband had vanished around 16 years before, and authorities in their village had been unable to locate him. The wife assumed he was dead and that he would never return.

“Mom, what does that mean?” Sophia inquired, terrified and perplexed.

Mary tried to calm her by saying, “I don’t know, my dear, I’m going to check.”

“No, no, no! Certainly not! What if something awful happened to my father, and the bad guys who kidnapped him want to do the same to us?” The teenager exclaimed.

Mother recognized that what was going on may be dangerous to them, two single women, and she quickly altered her mind.

“My dear, you are correct. But we need to know if this is a communication from your father. We’ll go together, and you’ll remain in the car. If you notice anything unusual, call the cops right away. “How do you feel about it?” Maria made the suggestion, and her daughter agreed.

“Call the emergency room in case of an emergency, but do not enter whatever it is,” the mother said again.

Sophia had given up hope that her father would show up, but Mary never gave up faith that her husband would return and explain his actions. She timidly entered the cafe and was taken aback by how empty it was. She noticed a man seating alone at a table near the window, with his back to the door, and approached him gently.

When she realized it was him, she was completely taken aback and realized that her feelings for him had never faded. But she was aware that he had either made a mistake or had purposefully fled their lives, leaving her to care for a child alone. Sophia, on the other hand, never met her father.

When he first saw her, the man had an immediate reaction:

“I can’t believe it, Mary! It’s you!” exclaims the narrator. He remarked this as he stood up and reached out to hug her.

However, the woman who had been his wife promptly moved out of the way and rejected him, claiming that she didn’t even know who he was.

“So, Matthew, it’s you… Years ago, you went for a short walk and never returned. Did you forget your address?” says the narrator. As she sat at the table across from him, she replied sarcastically.

“Mary, no! All I tried to do was protect you and our daughter, I swear. I had no choice except to vanish from your life for good,” he explained.

She had no idea what the man was talking about, especially since she knew they were normal people before he left and left everything behind.

“Please tell me everything that happened! What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense!” she said, a little uncomfortably.

“You didn’t realize I was addicted to gambling since I was hiding… Then I put everything I had on the line and wound up in serious trouble. If we didn’t do something, the three of us might end up on the street. I took out a loan from someone who threatened me. Please accept my apologies!” he kept going.

She listened to her husband’s words, terrified, but she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Please accept my sincere apologies! It was the biggest mistake of my life, I know! He offered me a deal because I had nowhere to return the money. I loved him as a son-in-law for his daughter, and he told me that if I married her, he would pay off my debt,” the man continued.

“You were already married. How could you do anything like that?” Mary responded.

“Please, God, don’t let this happen! Are you joking? You put Sophia in danger, I left her in the automobile!” exclaimed the terrified mother.

father and daughter1

“Don’t worry, everything is OK now. I escaped after the two died in a car accident. Fortunately, she did not become pregnant in the manner that they desired. That’s why they wanted me to come in and create an heir for them. I am now the sole heir, the survivor of this family. Because I have terminated all of their businesses and have no ties to any harmful individuals, all of the hazards have passed. I’m back in my old life, and I’m determined to put things right. Do you mind if I ask? Mathew continued, I want to see my kid, you said she was in the car.”

I don’t believe this narrative, and I don’t want to hurt our kid by believing it. It’s possible that your presence will frighten her. She was dissatisfied when she learned that you had abandoned her, and she had always suffered since she was not with you “, Mary expressed her dissatisfaction.

The woman eventually gave in since her affections for him were too strong. She regained faith in him and allowed him to approach Sophia. Matthew did everything he could to earn his young girl’s heart, and he vowed never to lie again in order to keep his family together.

Sofia, however, still needs time to recover from her childhood trauma and is unable to fully trust her father. She expects him to go at any minute, leaving her in the same state of bewilderment that she has been in for the past 16 years. The priceless presents she offers him and the time and care he now devotes to her are insufficient to compensate for the lack of love he has felt for years.

The adolescent attends counseling in the hopes of one day understanding her father, especially when it was told to him that he did not aim to harm her but rather to protect her. She forgave him, but she’ll probably never forget the evenings when she cried herself to sleep because she felt unwanted.

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